Private investigation

The line between impending occupational danger and a threatened private life is usually thin.  A real problem accompanies his victims everywhere, at home, to work, to the supermarket. In the case of private problems, the perpetrators usually exert pressure on certain persons, usually under threat of violence or publication of sensitive data. These only too rarely know how to deal with it appropriately. For various reasons, the authorities are avoided, the situation is served instead of handled appropriately. The private investigators of the detective agency ManagerSOS help clients from all social milieus for over 20 years in the management and prevention of crises and problem scenarios. The most common private investigative scenarios include (child) kidnapping, psychoterrorism, stalking, extortion and threat. In addition, reputation, fraud and all forms of finding the truth are part of the scope of private investigations. In the private sector, we work exclusively with specially trained private investigators who are selected according to the starting position and are ready for use worldwide within 72 hours. The exact procedures vary according to circumstances, but clients and investigators consult regularly. The aim of all private investigations is to restore a safe and trouble-free life for all clients and relatives quickly and without causing any sensation.

Personal protection and care

There are many situations in which individuals need security, protection and advice: witnesses in ongoing litigation, for example, people in divorce, celebrities and VIPs who are threatened, and people who enjoy a particularly high reputation in their private environment. The private investigators of the detective agency ManagerSOS offer protection and advice for everyone – discreet and reliable.


Special people, special problems: Especially famous people often succumb to criminal machinations. They are all too often the victims of stalking or psycho terror attacks, of blackmail with piquant details from their private life or run the risk of other threats to their reputation. They are vulnerable for two reasons: On the one hand, VIP’s are liable to pay, on the other hand willing to pay. They are above average often willing to pay in extortion and silently suspend stalking attacks – because the undamaged reputation and thus the career must not be damaged.

Reputation - ManagerSOS

Damage to one’s reputation

Only very few people have a good reputation. Those in the public eye or those who are known for their success also have enemies and opponents – and they are particularly interested in harming the reputation of others. This is not always successful, but if it is and the attack waves, then they are often difficult to repair. You should be protected against reputation damage and character assassination, otherwise you will quickly find yourself in a trap from which you can hardly free yourself. The private investigators of the detective agency ManagerSOS are well trained with their exceptional expertise in national and international contexts and develop together with you a strategy how your reputation remains intact.


False suspicions are usually aimed at harming the image of the victim with the intention of securing personal profit for the perpetrator. A false suspect is accused, and the presentation of false facts creates a dire situation. False suspicions of this kind are spread mostly for the sake of manipulating certain situations and individuals in the private or economic sphere for illicit personal gain. In the worst-case scenario, the victim’s reputation is destroyed. Thanks to the multidimensional structure of the Manager SOS Agency, we are able to prevent people from finding themselves in such dire straits. If such a scenario has already occurred, we can effectively locate the source of the problem and neutralize it. Quickly.


Reputational damage is the establishment and publication of untrue and unjustifiable claims about an individual. Such a practice can destroy someone’s image, sometimes beyond repair. This problem affects not only members of companies but also private individuals. The ManagerSOS Agency can protect people from such situations and neutralize sources responsible for causing reputational damage.


Scandals frequently affect people who enjoy a wider public presence, whether celebrities, business executives or politicians. Scandals occur frequently in all sectors of life and cast the individuals involved in a negative light. Whether a scandal concerns corruption, bribery, sex, fraud, or drugs, it can ruin the individual’s hard-earned reputation and pose a long-term threat to both career and personal life. The ManagerSOS Agency is experienced in dealing with such cases. We will shield you and your reputation from harm while also effectively blocking similar potential scandals in the future.

Balckmail - ManagerSOS

Blackmail and extortion

The concept of extortion has always existed. Often, celebrities and the general public are affected, as are people with a certain degree of success. But even the average citizen can not avoid it: Wherever people quarrel, and morality is subject to the will, a space for extortion is created. And the means of pressure have not changed for millennia: it’s the small and big secrets, the corpses in the cellar that each of us has in some way become a weapon against us. Sometimes these are intimate photos, sometimes long outdated documents, sometimes it’s just money. But in any case, the perpetrators try to gain access, the object of their desire. In order to avoid this a special form of expertise is required and the right feel for the perpetrator analysis – everything that the private investigator Detective Agency ManagerSOS  can provide.


The ManagerSOS Agency has been involved in solving numerous cases of blackmail and extortion. Usually, victims of blackmail are intimidated by receiving letters, photos, or video materials along with a demand for money. The most frequent cases are related to sexual blackmail, accompanied by cyber-grooming or cyber-blackmail. Customers who sought help from theManagerSOS Agency received service with a maximum of discretion and care, a critical concern in sensitive cases.


The extortion of protection money refers to a crime form of extortion, in which the victim is compelled to perform a promised service – usually provide money – for the promised “protection”, but in principle does not receive any further consideration. Protection racketeering is most common in the nightclub and catering sector, but also in the prostitute milieu extortion protection is not uncommon. Less often, but not infrequently, private wealthy or commercial entrepreneurs are victims of protection racketeering. Over the years, the Detective Agency ManagerSOS has already experienced a multitude of protection racketeers and has set itself the task of ending them with the greatest possible and most sustainable protection for the clients.


Many people have faced coercion, feeling compelled to behave a certain way because of force or threat. Often, victims of coercion fear that there is no way out and no one to turn to. Yet there is help: many victims of coercion have found relief fromManagerSOS.


Hopefully you have never experienced psycho-terror and never will. What is psychoterror? Continuous and repetitive targeted attacks, provocations, harassment, and coercion for the purpose of inflicting harm on someone’s mental health and stability. However, if by chance you face this kind of problem, do not panic or think that there is no way out. Most of all, do not think that sharing this problem with a professional will make your situation worse: it is exactly the opposite. TheManagerSOS Agency has helped many people in difficult and complex situations. Our agents handle these cases with maximum discretion and with the guarantee that these issues will not recur.


Anyone who has been stalked knows exactly how difficult it is to handle effectively.  In our professional experience, the majority of stalking cases affect women. The situation frequently escalates to threats, extortion, and psycho-terror attacks. Often, victims of stalking either do not dare go to the proper authorities or are not fully aware of the danger that a stalker may pose. Perpetrators are often spurned lovers, friends, colleagues, or even internet acquaintances. Ultimately, it does not matter who they are because they all represent a similar philosophy: lack of respect for their victims and the belief that their victims will not confide in their friends, families, or local authorities. If you’re being stalked, don’t isolate yourself from people who can help you. At the Mr Black Agency, these problems are solved with discretion.


One of the most popular forms of stalking is cyberstalking – the use of electronic communications to harass or frighten an individual. TheManagerSOS Agency has specialized expertise dealing with cyberstalking in addition to traditional stalking.

Sexual Threats - ManagerSOS

Sexual harassment

One of the most popular and oldest threats in the world: sexual harassment, threats and sexual abuse. All this is often associated with extortion, coercion, psycho terror and many other criminal acts. The spectrum of sexual threats ranges from “grappling attacks” to rape. Over the years, our private investigators have successfully prevented many, innumerable varieties of sexual harassment and threats. They know about the sensitivity of the matter, about cultural contexts and are psychologically trained to solve the cases with the utmost care for our clients.


Similar to stalking, sexual abuse is one of the most dangerous, embarrassing and challenging kinds of crime for victims (the majority of whom are women and children) to handle. People who experience sexual abuse may not know what to do, and they may feel ashamed and avoid going to the authorities out of fear. Frequently, sexual abuse is associated with threat, extortion, domestic violence, and psycho-terror. In most cases, it is safer for people experiencing abuse not to try to solve it by themselves. It is much safer to use the professional services of the ManagerSOS Agency. Our agents are equipped to know exactly how to solve such problems and extricate you from dangerous situations.


Do you doubt that your partner is loyal? Are you afraid that your marriage will end? These are very common questions posed by countless people who have sought out the ManagerSOS Agency for help. Any partnership comes with uncertainties, which is why relationship issues constitute a frequent field of investigation. TheManagerSOS Agency has extensive experience in solving these kinds of problems. Since marriage and romantic relationships are very sensitive, it is crucial that these issues be handled with the utmost sensitivity and tact. Also, in many cases, potential suspicions or fraudulent indictments prove false.ManagerSOS’s operations are covert and “invisible,” allowing you to continue relationships or marriages without causing irreparable harm to either party.


The ManagerSOS Agency assists individuals who fall victim to romance or love scams and catfishing. These deceptive actions are a form of internet fraud committed by online predators, in which fake profiles are set up on internet dating platforms to fish for a potential victim’s love, trust, and affection. Often, the ultimate goal of the “catfisher” is to exploit an individual for financial gain. Romance scams appear in numerous internet portals. Often, bogus photographs of Asian women are used to create fraudulent profiles. Romance scams are frequently part of organized crime and go hand in hand with fraud and extortion. Unfortunately, this form of fraudulent activity has become more and more common. Many affected individuals feel too afraid or ashamed to ask for help from their family or friends. Moreover, since romance scams often occur on an international scale, local help alone might not be adequate to address and resolve the situation. That is why the ManagerSOS Agency has developed an international network of experts to put an end to these activities promptly.


Most affairs are sexual in nature, and quite often, an individual who enters an affair may then become a victim of criminal offenses such as bribery, blackmail, or some other form of threatening behavior. Whether you have engaged in temporary or intermittent indiscretions on a business trip or have entered a long-term relationship with a secret partner, you may find your personal and sensitive information at risk. The agents of ManagerSOS will help you resolve any affair-related problems you encounter and will prevent your private information from being made public. We will create a personalized strategy for your unique situation that will keep your reputation intact.

Family Threats - ManagerSOS


This category deals with the people closest to you. It contains a variety of different issues, ranging from minor domestic quarrels to fierce power struggles for honor and inheritance.


Inheritance disputes represent a frequent crisis scenario within families and among private individuals. They are often accompanied by bullying, psycho-terror and threats. All too often, the lines of inheritance succession are vague or opaque. In such cases, ManagerSOS’s network acts quickly and efficiently, offering help in a wide variety of hereditary conflicts. Inheritance disputes require an intensive examination of the subject matter, conscientious acquisition of information, and impeccable fact-checking. Our network of lawyers and investigators is ready to solve your inheritance disputes to your satisfaction.


Child abuse is understood to mean psychological or physical violence against children and adolescents. Frequent forms include sexual abuse and child neglect, as well as child abduction, often by the non-custodial parent or another close relative. This area also includes organized child trafficking and pedophilia. These crimes are far too dangerous for inexperienced people to get involved. That is why it is crucial to seek help from an agency that has experience in this field and is able to protect every individual involved.


TheManagerSOS Agency is often involved in helping resolve abduction cases, most of which concern victims who are children. In recent years, the abduction of minors abroad has occurred more frequently, but administrative investigations are often slow and confusing because of various bureaucratic reasons. Do you suspect or know that a member of your family, a friend, or a work contact has been abducted? Whether the person in question is your child, spouse, co-worker, superior, friend, acquaintance, or colleague, ManagerSOS is here to help. Thanks to our vast global network of professional investigators, we can carry out remedial work as quickly as possible, without bureaucratic hassle. Give us a call, and we will promptly advise you and construct an efficient strategy to secure the safe return of the abductee.



Human trafficking involves selling people. Trafficking is often used in the red-light milieu, as a rule both sexual exploitation and sexual abuse occur. Organ trafficking also plays an important role in human trafficking. It is often subject to organised crime – human trafficking is almost never carried out by individual perpetrators. If you suspect that someone has become a victim of trafficking, you should under no circumstances act alone. Contact a private investigator from ManagerSOS. We have expert knowledge, experience, personnel and international structures that will provide a solution strategy even for large-scale problems like these.



Personnel investigation means all measures to determine the whereabouts of wanted persons (suspects, missing persons, witnesses). Personnel investigation is a common scenario for the business and private investigators of ManagerSOS. Our investigators routinely track down witnesses, suspects, or missing persons, such as spouses and children, to keep them safe. Often a persons investigation is preceded by a kidnapping, but also the immersion of persons like witnesses is not uncommon. The detective agency ManagerSOS with its international structures and military-trained private investigators is highly qualified and offers the best opportunities to track down a missing or searched person as fast as possible.



Sometimes relatives of murdered individuals feel that the case is not fully resolved by local authorities. Many families live in continued grief and distress because of an unsolved murder or missing body. This area is one of the hardest to solve due to extremely dramatic and tragic circumstances. The ManagerSOS Agency has experience in this field; we know how to solve the problem efficiently without further upsetting the family or friends of the victim.


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