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Your company does not operate in a vacuum. Perhaps you are surrounded by aggressive competitors, perhaps your business environment is governed by organized crime gangs or you feel that your business is infiltrated by a cult. Never be deterred from taking control of your environment. The most typical problems of this category are the following:


The economic environment of a company encompasses many complex dimensions. In many cases, the management of a company does not permanently recognize all the dangers that can arise and affect the economic situation of the company. In addition, it is often difficult for individuals to spot potential problems or threats to their business when they are immersed in the system and the objective perspective of an independent outsider is lost. If you’ve never experienced economic threats before, it’s very difficult to spot the symptoms of an imminent threat in a timely manner and take appropriate preventative measures. With more than 20 years of experience, the Detective ManagerSOS crew is able to identify and successfully neutralize potential economic threats as quickly as possible.


Many companies are once faced with piracy-that is, products that are designed to be similar to an original product in order to dispose of a company’s business. In principle, trademarks or copyrights are violated. Product piracy is often linked to copyright infringement, design patterns, usage patterns, patents, and other intellectual property rights. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to adequately protect certain rights, especially when piracy production takes place in remote geographic areas such as Asia. Local laws often vary from country to country. The Detective Agency ManagerSOS has been operating in the Asian region for 15 years and knows the local conditions on site. It is optimally networked and its unique structure makes it possible to take effective measures against piracy even in distant countries.


Cybercrime refers to crimes committed via the Internet. In the private sector, cybercrime can come in many forms – fake profiles on online dating sites, extortion linked to sexual acts captured by a webcam, and data theft are all common forms of cybercrime. This form of crime has become increasingly popular and dangerous. The detective agency ManagerSOS has developed special forces and instruments capable of detecting and effectively neutralizing profiles of criminal intent.


How to define a “cult” is controversial, but the fact is that there are many groups that infiltrate companies to manipulate the corporate structure in their favor. These sects are similar to spies and often use false or misleading identities. Employees who belong to a particular sect or cult are a particular source of danger because they can deliberately compromise business secrets or illegally disseminate information. Similar to other crimes, infiltration by a cult or sect of individuals within the organization is very difficult to detect. For this reason, the detective agency ManagerSOS offers to eliminate these problems quickly and effectively using their multifunctional structures.


Organized crime is one of the most common and dangerous forms of criminal activity: the deliberate commission of criminal groups for profit or power. When systems of this type operate in your organization and remain undetected for a long time, irreparable damage may result. Organized crime often causes significant financial and emotional damage. Typical forms of organized crime include drug trafficking, forced prostitution, trafficking, theft, counterfeiting or networks of pedophile and necrophile offenders.


Radicalization refers to a process in which a person or group develops and adopts radical or extreme political, social or religious attitudes and beliefs. In the case of terrorism, certain groups radicalize individuals to exploit them for their own nefarious purposes. The radicalization often takes place through social contacts, for example through friends or prayer groups, as well as through a number of internet platforms. Extensive international experience, knowledge of the Middle East in particular, and our experts from the specific cultures make it possible for the ManagerSOS Detective Agency to handle even the most complicated international structures of crime and to protect those affected from them.


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Personal and private threats  – Personal protection: VIP Protection and preventive measures. Threats to reputation: wrongful suspicion, reputation management, scandals. Blackmail: Extortion, racketeering, coercion, psycho-terror, stalking, cyberstalking. Sexual threats: sexual abuse, issues in marriage and romance, romance scams (catfishing), affairs. Threats involving family and members and relatives: inheritance dispute, child abuse, abduction, human trafficking,  person search, murder. Business Threats – Personal protection: safety advice, risk and & security check, company review. Personel threats: employee monitoring, forgery, tittle trade, confidence tricksters. Financial threats: fraud prevention and detection, money laundering,  secret betrail. Secret and asset protection: economic espionage, sabotage, corporate infidelity, theft, scandals and affair defense (containment). Economic threats – Economic crimes: economic investigation, product piracy, cybercrime, cults, organized crimes, radicalization.

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