Basically, the international ManagerSOS Detective Agency Frankfurt executes orders where they are needed. Our specially trained detectives and investigators are able to execute orders quickly and professionally under the most difficult circumstances and under consideration of the respective country-specific conditions. Nevertheless, several main areas of opration have become established over the years and through the special network:

As a German detective agency based in Frankfurt am Main, most orders are carried out for German clients. Common areas of application of the ManagerSOS Detective Agency Frankfurt in Germany include Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, Berlin, Baden-Baden, Hanover, Frankfurt am Main and Sylt. In Asia, especially in Southeast Asia, the detective agency ManagerSOS maintains several offices in the Philippines in Cebu City and Manila, and our investigators are regularly deployed in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur for our clients. The detective agency also maintains locations in Arabic-speaking countries, with frequent areas of operation being the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

All in all, the ManagerSOS Detective Agency Frankfurt has been active in Europe for over 20 years and the detective agency ManagerSOS Asia / Middle East for 15 years as a link between European and Asian companies and private individuals.


People from all over the world commission ManagerSOS Frankfurt to carry out assignments and investigations in Europe. Whether Paris, Rome or Berlin, investigating a plant in the Czech Republic or the repatriation from the Ukraine – for 20 years, our investigators operate in Europe and especially in Germany and have now solved the problems of countless clients successfully.

Our focus on the interaction between European, Arabian and Asian players has helped not only many European clients, but above all clients from Asia, who are conducting investigations in Europe. We are happy to make use of the extensive network of the private and economic detective agency ManagerSOS, for each client, who seeks professional help for his individual concerns. Enclosed you will find a list of locations in Europe, click on the respective link to find out more about the work on site.

Asia/Middle East

ManagerSOS Asia / Middle East has been working successfully on behalf of our clients throughout the Arab and Asian region for 15 years. European companies in particular are showing a great deal of interest in these markets, but there are always a lot of hurdles and dangers involved, which must be avoided. And even outside the business, the number of private social relationships in the distant lands is increasing. Unfortunately, not every new acquaintance is equal to a friend and not every love relationship is based on a solid foundation.

In order to be able to guarantee the highest quality of investigation for our clients in every situation, we offer the ideal conditions as a detective agency network: Our specialists are firmly anchored in the Asian and Arabian economy. Our investigators know the cultural and country-specific requirements of Asian and Arab countries from their own experience and, thanks to Guanxi, we can not only rely on our specialists and special investigators, but also on local authorities and high-ranking direct economic and political decision-makers. This makes ManagerSOS Asia / Middle East the only German detective agency with ideal conditions for business and private investigations in the Middle East and Asia.

Crisis areas, war zones, disaster areas

A clear unique selling point of the Detective Agency ManagerSOS Frankfurt is the training that each employee has gone through. Our emergency services are not certified by TÜV, our employees were trained in real life situations. All of them were or are part of military or government intervention teams and can look back on at least five years of experience in their particular field of activity. These special trainings of our specialist investigators enable us to carry out orders in special high-risk security areas. This means that our investigators and commanders are in a unique position to act effectively even in crisis, war and disaster areas and to consistently solve the concerns of their clients.


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Personal and private threats  – Personal protection: VIP protection and security measures. Threat of reputation, false suspicion, reputation management, avoiding of scandals. Extortion: Exploitation, coercion, psychoterror, stalking, cyberstalking. Sexual Threats: Sexual Abuse, Scandals and Affair in Marriages and Relationships, Romance scamming, catfishing, affairs. Threats to family and relatives: Inheritance disputes, child abuse, abortion, trafficking of human beings, search for people, murder.

Business Threats – Personal Protection: Security Consulting, Risk and Security Checks, Company Audits. Financial threats: fraud, fraud prevention, fraud detection, money laundering, secret machinations. Maintaining secrets: Economic espionage, sabotage, betrayal, theft, scandals and affairs.

Economic threats –Economic crime: Economic investigations, Counterfeiting, Cybercrime, Cults, Sects, Organized Crime, Radicalization.

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