The entire team of ManagerSOS follows certain compliance rules, which will be kept up in any situation.

Investigator-client-relationship: The information we deal with are usually precarious and would be, in case they would end up in the wrong hands, a threat to us and our clients. This is why we have invented some common rules, in order to simplify the way we deal with these: Talks with our clients in which delicate information are exchanged only include the responsible investigator and the client himself and will be carried out only via Face-to-Face communication at a preselected location. Never will we spread important information via telephone. Written transcripts will only be made when necessary and when wished. Information about our clients and the investigators are defeated by highest security precaution and absolutely inaccessible to outsiders. The satisfaction of our clients and the protection of our clients‘ lives and bodies always has the highest priority.

Agency-employee-relationship: The ManagerSOS detective network employs people from 22 different nations. They come from various cultural backgrounds and speak different languages from all around the world. Still, they are all part of a bigger entity, of a system which attaches more value to similarities than to differences: We all share the same experiences of extraordinary apprentices, we share a sympathy for adrenalin situations and we must be able to adapt to unusual circumstances at any time. In every single situation, our work requires trust, respect and the pursuit of mutual goals. This is the reason why we do not have any use for racism, xenophobia or hatred. Neither in our own rows nor at our clients one’s.

For all of our operations, we do have several more compliance rules: We do not judge your situation, we do solve your problem. It’s not our business to morally value your actions. We eliminate causes of trouble in a fast, efficient and secret way. As soon as our job is finished, we disappear as quickly as we appeared.

For any questions, offers, consultations or help please use our contact form. You can also call by phone, a first consultation is always for free. All employees are bound to maintain top secret confidentiality.

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Personal and private threats  – Personal protection: VIP Protection and preventive measures. Threats to reputation: wrongful suspicion, reputation management, scandals. Blackmail: Extortion, racketeering, coercion, psycho-terror, stalking, cyberstalking. Sexual threats: sexual abuse, issues in marriage and romance, romance scams (catfishing), affairs. Threats involving family and members and relatives: inheritance dispute, child abuse, abduction, human trafficking,  person search, murder. Business Threats – Personal protection: safety advice, risk and & security check, company review. Personel threats: employee monitoring, forgery, tittle trade, confidence tricksters. Financial threats: fraud prevention and detection, money laundering,  secret betrail. Secret and asset protection: economic espionage, sabotage, corporate infidelity, theft, scandals and affair defense (containment). Economic threats – Economic crimes: economic investigation, product piracy, cybercrime, cults, organized crimes, radicalization.

ManagerSOS – detective agency

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