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If your life is burdened by professional and private problems, this can sometimes have serious consequences. The detective agency ManagerSOS is a company that wants to save you from exactly such problems. As an international detective agency based in Frankfurt am Main, the detective agency ManagerSOS Frankfurt coordinates an active network of around 300 detectives on three different continents. Our investigators provide fast and effective solutions to any problem. We offer our clients protection and security and advise both individuals and companies on all aspects of security. For the clients of the detective agency ManagerSOS Frankfurt and the detective agency ManagerSOS Asia / Middle East, we operate in the background and at the same time operate at the forefront. Whether fraud, corruption, character assassination, affair, money laundering or organized crime, whatever problem our clients may have, our detectives will make their decisions decidedly and discreetly without compromising.

Problem solver for all cases. In a very special way.

The traditional work concept of detective agencies has hardly changed since the beginning of the security industry. They are still found in the obligatory office on the outskirts of the city and still employ a small, solid strain of detectives. Investigations are usually limited to nationwide, if not regional, assignments and are cash-settled according to a fixed hourly rate.

This concept has served the opinion of the detective agency ManagerSOS. We live in the age of global networking of individuals and companies, a fast pace of information and the ever-advancing high-tech development. Especially for detective agencies, it is therefore essential to be adequately adapted to modern circumstances. They need a new concept, one that is adapted to the new requirements. That takes advantage of this time and age and strategically overcomes disadvantages. This is exactly tailored to the needs of each client. And this is the concept used by the detective agency ManagerSOS Frankfurt.

For a long time, we are no longer confined to an office complex and a permanent workforce – on the contrary. Over the past 20 years, we have successfully adapted to the development and created an active network from our main location in Germany, whose 300 detectives, investigators and experts are now available around the clock for clients from all over the world in Europe, Asia and the Arab world are in use. Our task is to protect our clients, be they private individuals, business people or companies, in the most modern way and to guarantee you long-term security. Within a very short time we can send detectives for our clients, who immediately take care of their special problem. As the only international detective agency with German roots, we are able to conduct professional private and business investigations in the standard and high-risk security area in a completely discreet manner.

It all works so well because a whole team of detectives, experts and consultants worked for years. Because as a detective agency we have never shied away from adapting to changing circumstances and because we have always known about the importance of an excellent network. That’s why Detective Manager’s detectives are your professionals for all things related to safety and security and the best possible choice to achieve discrete investigations with fast, safe and complete results.


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Personal and private threats  – Personal protection: VIP Protection and preventive measures. Threats to reputation: wrongful suspicion, reputation management, scandals. Blackmail: Extortion, racketeering, coercion, psycho-terror, stalking, cyberstalking. Sexual threats: sexual abuse, issues in marriage and romance, romance scams (catfishing), affairs. Threats involving family and members and relatives: inheritance dispute, child abuse, abduction, human trafficking,  person search, murder. Business Threats – Personal protection: safety advice, risk and & security check, company review. Personel threats: employee monitoring, forgery, tittle trade, confidence tricksters. Financial threats: fraud prevention and detection, money laundering,  secret betrail. Secret and asset protection: economic espionage, sabotage, corporate infidelity, theft, scandals and affair defense (containment). Economic threats – Economic crimes: economic investigation, product piracy, cybercrime, cults, organized crimes, radicalization.

ManagerSOS – detective agency

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