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Please do not hesitate to call us. We have been solving our clients problems for years. What is new and scary to you is typical for us, it is well-known and controllable. Do not fight alone against strangers in areas you are not familiar with. Help yourself by letting us help you.


It doesn’t cost anything to ask; this is why our first consultation via telephone for you is always for free. Don’t hesitate to contact us, with certainty will you be connected to someone who can give you a valuable proposal of how to solve your problem in the best way.

ManagerSOS – detective agency contact

Personal and private threats  – Personal protection: VIP Protection and preventive measures. Threats to reputation: wrongful suspicion, reputation management, scandals. Blackmail: Extortion, racketeering, coercion, psycho-terror, stalking, cyberstalking. Sexual threats: sexual abuse, issues in marriage and romance, romance scams (catfishing), affairs. Threats involving family and members and relatives: inheritance dispute, child abuse, abduction, human trafficking,  person search, murder. Business Threats – Personal protection: safety advice, risk and & security check, company review. Personel threats: employee monitoring, forgery, tittle trade, confidence tricksters. Financial threats: fraud prevention and detection, money laundering,  secret betrail. Secret and asset protection: economic espionage, sabotage, corporate infidelity, theft, scandals and affair defense (containment). Economic threats – Economic crimes: economic investigation, product piracy, cybercrime, cults, organized crimes, radicalization.

ManagerSOS – detective agency

Private and business investigations

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