ManagerSOS International  Mobil Coordination Call Europa  Officer Germany – Samuel Wyzmann / Int: Steffen Strahaus – Mobile Call Office Europe – Bereitschaft für Notfälle bundesweit & international  60549 Frankfurt am Main/Airport   Tel: 0700 977977777 (6,2 Cent Nacht / 12,4 Cent Tag je Min) 24h Hotline Zentrale Koordination Bereitschaftsdienst Frankfurt : Tel: 0151 22739601  Einsatzleiter : Tel 0175 4531436   24h Hotline Mobil     Email:

Main Office Mittlerer und Naher Osten: Doha / Qatar  Einsatzleitung: M.A.Qahaar   Asian Town, St., no 157, Bldg. no. 360, Zone 61, M floor، Qahaar Projects, PO. B. 37610, Doha, Qatar. Legal Power by Attorney Office

Main Office International / Südostasien Hongkong / Manila Einsatzleitung: A. C. Perez Office C45 & C28, G/F,, Kowantoo Tower   Sao Wan, Hongkong  Legal Power by Attorney Office

Head Office  – ManagerSOS International Special Investigation for Crime and Antiterrorism   Certificate No 05502726 ManagerSOS Risk Consulting Agency  Trn / Tax 9080799  ManagerSOS Risk Consulting Agency  6045 Cebu City Philippines Maghaway BLD. Lot 10 Block 16  and US Consulting Lawyers Raibers & Associates International Law Office.  – Pivoure BLDT. 309 -311 Samernoway 54th 1210 1o111 New York / USA   Email:

Rechtsbeistand Asien / Südostasien    Atty. Rhenier (Rhen) P. Mora, CPA, REB Office Manila

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Personal and private threats  – Personal protection: VIP Protection and preventive measures. Threats to reputation: wrongful suspicion, reputation management, scandals. Blackmail: Extortion, racketeering, coercion, psycho-terror, stalking, cyberstalking. Sexual threats: sexual abuse, issues in marriage and romance, romance scams (catfishing), affairs. Threats involving family and members and relatives: inheritance dispute, child abuse, abduction, human trafficking,  person search, murder. Business Threats – Personal protection: safety advice, risk and & security check, company review. Personel threats: employee monitoring, forgery, tittle trade, confidence tricksters. Financial threats: fraud prevention and detection, money laundering,  secret betrail. Secret and asset protection: economic espionage, sabotage, corporate infidelity, theft, scandals and affair defense (containment). Economic threats – Economic crimes: economic investigation, product piracy, cybercrime, cults, organized crimes, radicalization.

ManagerSOS – detective agency

Private and business investigations

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